Select Publications


“The Gun” Bending Genres, April


“The Leftovers,” Emerge Journal published July 2023 (nominated for a 2023 Pushcart Prize; long-listed on Wigleaf’s Top50)


GUESS WHAT’S DIFFERENT (Malarkey Books, published in May 2022)

“When the Moon Fell from the Sky” Gone Lawn (Nominated for a 2022 Pushcart Prize)


“Sea Monsters” Splonk Magazine WINNER BEST MICRO-FICTION 2022

General Rules for a Starfari When Visiting Hollywood” reprint in Scrawl Place

Highway to Hell” A-Minor Magazine (Long-listed on Wigleaf’s Top 50 2022)

“General Rules for a Starfari When Visiting Hollywood” Alien Budha’s Anthology: “The Alien Budha Goes Pop” (Alien Budda Press, August 28, 2021)

Snowball” Anti-Heroin Chic

Childhood Amnesia” Bitchin’ Kitsch

“Strangle Weed” Reservoir Road

“You’re A High-Flying Flag” Open Minds Quarterly Anthology (Vol.23/ Issue2)

“When My Mother Ironed” and “Sunburn” North Dakota Quarterly (fc)

“Guess What’s Different” Red Fez (Nominated for Best of the Net)

“Heated Cocoons” Ghost Parachute

“How to Activate Your Ancestry DNA” Schuylkill Valley Journal (Volume 50)


“My Mother Spoke in Only Sighs” Gone Lawn

“Losing Her All Over Again” Ellipsis Zine

“Eyelet” Red Fez

“One Left Shoe” (mac)ro(mic)

“Greeting Cards” Boston Literary Magazine

“Carousel Horses” 101 Words

“Evening Out the Sides” Pithead Chapel

“Only the Pretty Ones” Evening Street Review (Volume No. 26)

“Explosive Orchids” Schuylkill Valley Journal

“Interwoven Foliage” Schuylkill Valley Journal

“Names Have Been Changed” Serotonin


“Main Street” A-Minor Magazine


“Shiny New Things” Crab Orchard Review

“Indian Summer” Colorado Review (Volume 43: Number 3; featured essay)


“Matroyshka Dolls” Cheat River Review

“Snapshot at Gatorland” Stoneboat Magazine

Readings and Recordings

“Listen to Your Mother: Alumni Show” Saturday, August 28 11:00 a.m.

Serotonin Magazine: Featured Reader (2021)

Podcast Reading of story published in Ellipsis Zine, MicroPodcast (2021)

Schuylkill Valley Journal: Featured Reader (2020)

“Listen to Your Mother,” Mothers’ Day Reading: Riverview Theater, Minneapolis (2017)